Does microblading hurt?

Whether is hurts are not, will depend on the individual's pain tolerance. High quality numbing is used to minimize or eliminate the discomfort associated with this technique. Microblading is less painful than a traditional tattoo.

Do I need a consultation before booking my appointment?

Consultations are typically done during your appointment. I will give an overview of what to expect and listen to your desired goals and discuss expectations, identify proper pigment color and begin eyebrow shaping.

Email Consultations: If you have previous eyebrow tattoo, scar or symmetry issues, please email over photos for an email...

Should I wear make-up to my appointment?

Yes, if you normally apply make-up to your eyebrows, then feel free to come with your eyebrows filled in. This will help me to understand your preferred shape and eyebrow style.

If you do NOT wear make-up, no worries. Come in natural and I will work with you to design an eyebrow shape that is comfortable for you.

How long will microblading last?

Microblading can last up to 2 years. Microblading requires yearly touch-up to reinforce the color.

Medications, skin care products and sun exposure can impact the longevity of your microblading results over time.

What restrictions will I have after microblading?

Avoid swimming, botox, waxing, facials and sun tanning for two weeks.

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